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Trova’s full-service property management service was built by investors for investors. We manage every part of the process while maximizing your revenue so you can finally kick back and enjoy your investment.
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Whether you’re looking to acquire your first home, your first investment property or expanding an established portfolio, selecting the right property can be a daunting challenge. Our years of experience in both real estate sales and property management give us an unparalleled understanding of what separates a winning property from a dud. This is a big decision that you shouldn’t feel the need to face alone. We’re in your corner and ready to make sure you get the best property for your vision.

Here’s how we work…

Let’s get your vision down on paper! During our consultation our investment-focused agents will discuss what kind of property you’re looking for, explore potential markets, and set investment goals.
Now for the fun part! Once we’ve talked through your goals we’ll start looking at properties. Using our experience and top-rated software, we’ll make revenue projections and guide you through to your final property selection.
Let’s make it yours! Now that you’ve selected a property, we will help guide you every step of the way through the closing process. We’ll also manage any maintenance and repair needs the property has before it can be rent ready.
Now for the final touches! Once the property is officially yours and ready to go we’ll connect you with our expert design team to help ensure your house is ready for whatever type of rental you decide. We will also create eye-catching listings that are sure to make your new property stand out among the competition!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide full-service management for your property.  Our goal is to have your property running as efficiently and smoothly as possible so that it makes the greatest return for you.  With that said, you are always in charge of your property.  If there is a way you see that we could be serving you better, don’t hesitate to let us know!
While the short answer is “no,” we do know what houses/amenities have the best returns in the specific area.  If you have not yet purchased your property, our sales team can help you find and evaluate homes in order to maximize your revenues.