How to Furnish an Airbnb for Maximum Rentability

If you’re looking to furnish your Airbnb, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we will go over the do’s and don’ts of furnishing your vacation rental. We’ll give you tips on how to make your space as attractive to potential renters as possible, and show you what mistakes to avoid. Decorating and furnishing your Airbnb the right way can make the difference between being fully booked or being vacant for weeks on end, so without further ado, let’s get started!

But first, does the decor inside my Airbnb really make that much of a difference?

Yes, the decor inside your Airbnb can make a huge difference in how much you rent your property for. As potential guests browse listing after listing, homes with exceptional decor stand out more, get more clicks, and overall, get more bookings.  It easily puts your house above other homes in the same area. 

When your guest is on vacation, the experience of staying at your property is paramount – you’ll want to make it as memorable as possible.  Having a home that’s decorated tastefully, has a unique feel to it, and is comfortable all go towards creating this memorable experience.

Great personality goes a long way

One of the best things you can do to furnish your Airbnb and make it more attractive to potential renters is to inject some personality into it. This could mean using interesting furniture, hanging intriguing art on the walls, or even just having a few well-placed plants. Having a property that feels like a vibrant setting for their trip, rather than just a place to sleep, will help your guests have a more memorable and unique experience. They’ll feel like they’re really on vacation, rather than just staying in another bland hotel room. So be creative with your decorating, and see how much of a difference it makes!

If your Airbnb is in an area that caters to a certain type of traveler, feel free to capitalize on that.  Are you near a beach? If so, consider using nautical or tropical decor to really capture the feeling of being on vacation. Are you in a city that has a lot of history? Use antique furniture and decor to give your guests a sense of living like a local. Capitalizing on the unique aspects of your area can help make your Airbnb a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

Furniture choices matter

It may seem economical to use old, used furniture throughout your Airbnb.  If you have furniture in storage, or in your current home you want to get rid of, try to really assess whether or not it fits the vibe you’re wanting for your Airbnb.  If you are wanting to get rid of it in your own home, it is probably because it is no longer in style!  This is also not going to appeal to guests, and it will make your Airbnb look dated.  If you can find fun places for old furniture, by all means, do it!  However, don’t “force” furniture into a house just because you want to get rid of it.  The decor of your Airbnb is NOT an area to cut corners.  It can truly make-or-break your success!

Colors count for a lot!

When you’re decorating your Airbnb, using neutrals, beiges, and grey tones may seem like the way to decorate, appealing to every guest’s style and preference. However, this is the opposite of what stands out and what guests want in an experience.  Guests want to feel taken out of their day-to-day lives and put into a unique experience with decor and vibes that they otherwise would never experience.  The strategic use of BOLD colors like turquoise, emerald green, pinks, black/white contrast in decor can truly make your property stand out. 

In addition to using the right colors, you should also use plenty of natural light. This will help create a bright and airy feel in your home, which is perfect for making your guests feel relaxed and at ease. If you don’t have a lot of natural light available, consider using light fixtures that mimic the sun’s natural light. Fun lighting on walls, bold colors in furniture, and interesting artwork are sure to attract the eyes of every guest. 

Leave room for exploration

When furnishing your Airbnb, it’s important to remember that less is more. Simple, simple, simple!  

Photographs make clutter stand out even more than you realize!  

Decor on shelves and tables just look like masses of clutter in a photo.  

This means your property may look cluttered and uninviting online, leading to little to no bookings. Perfectly planned decor will not only enhance the experience once your guests arrive, but it’ll help you get more bookings. 

For decor, use large, bold pieces that stand out, rather than small pieces in a cluster.  And when in doubt, less is always more! You don’t want to clutter your space with too much furniture, as it can make it feel small and cramped. Instead, aim to furnish minimally and leave plenty of room for your guests to explore. This will help them feel relaxed and comfortable in your home.

Another way to encourage interaction between your guests is to create an open space. An open floor plan allows people to move around freely and socialize more easily. This is especially beneficial if you’re hosting a large group or multiple families. By creating an open space, you’ll make your guests feel more at home and encourage them to interact with one another.

More heads in beds

Adding more sleeping areas to your Airbnb can greatly increase the amount of revenue that you generate from your property. When guests have more options for where to sleep, they are less likely to pass up the opportunity to stay at your home. This means that you’ll often have higher occupancy rates, and you’ll be able to charge more for each night that your property is booked.

There are a few different ways that you can add more sleeping areas to your Airbnb. You can add a futon or sleeper sofa in the living room, or you can set up a few air mattresses in a spare bedroom or den. If you have the space, you can also set up a small tent in the backyard. No matter what option you choose,  just be sure to make sure that your guests feel comfortable and have enough privacy.

Thinking of targeting families with children? You may want to consider including a twin bed in the corner of a larger bedroom with a queen/king bed. Often, parents traveling with small children like having a twin bed in the corner for their small child who is too large for a pack n play, but not old enough to sleep in a strange room on their own. These often make a difference when people are booking houses and trying to visualize their family in your house.

Don’t forget about the outside!

One often-overlooked aspect of furnishing an Airbnb is decorating the exterior of your property. You can add some outdoor seating areas, like a porch or patio, and install some lights so that your guests can enjoy the outdoors after dark. You could also consider including a gas grill outside as an added benefit for your guests. Connecting to a gas line would also save you time and stress since you won’t need to worry about refilling propane tanks. Lastly, adding some plants and flowers always helps your property feel more inviting.

You’re well on your way

As you can see, furnishing and decorating your Airbnb correctly can make or break how much you earn from it. The colors, lighting, furniture placement, and other details are all things to consider when furnishing your vacation rental property. These small changes will help create a welcoming space for guests that is also aesthetically pleasing.

If you have a vacation rental that you are looking to decorate and furnish for maximum rentability, give us a call. It’s just one of the many services we offer as a part of our full-service property management. Happy decorating!

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