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Trova’s full-service property management service was built by investors for investors. We manage every part of the process while maximizing your revenue so you can finally kick back and enjoy your investment.
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One domain name unites complete strangers—now on a venture bound for greatness!

Here’s how the story goes:

Sarah and Lee Medley were in the process of taking over the management of Columbia Property Management, a family-owned business started by Sarah’s father. Since 2006, CPM established a solid reputation for long-term property management, with over 250 doors in Texarkana. Simultaneously, the Medleys were developing a venture in Hot Springs, AR that would tap into the region’s rapidly growing mountain bike and outdoor adventure culture. That plan called for the Medley’s to purchase 500 acres in Hot Springs adjacent to the Northwoods Trail System to build 60 tree houses and cabins for short term stays. Unquestionably, the Medleys had drawn up an exceedingly viable plan to scale CPM.

Meanwhile Nick and Danielle Gatlin, running a real estate business in NWA, decided that the wisest path wasn’t just to sell real estate, but to invest in it. While trying to sell one of his listings, Nick came across the idea of turning a home into a short-term rental through Airbnb. Using this as part of his pitch to potential buyers, he ended up selling himself on the idea, and during a conversation about the future to his then pregnant wife, the Gatlins decided to move forward with their first foray into the short term rental business. Building a portfolio soon turned into a side business of short-term rental management, and, finding plenty of customers through their real estate connections, their business began to grow!

Here’s how the worlds collide.

The Gatlins wanted to Market their vacation rentals in Bentonville Arkansas with the marketable domain name, downtownnwa.com. The problem was that URL had already been purchased.

By the Medleys.

To everyone’s good fortune a dialogue began between the two that eventually led them to partner on a single project. With shared values, shared visions, and a building a portfolio of ventures, the two couples merge to form a single entity that allows their complimenting talents to flourish.

With the truest sense of synergy, the new company offers 4 complementary Services:

    • Long-term and short-term property management
    • Purchasing and Investment Consultations
    • Property Maintenance
    • Interior Design Services for Investors
    So, what started as a simple conversation to purchase a website URL has turned into a dynamic business venture that is dedicated to providing world class services to investors and tenants alike.